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Metal Finishing Services

List Price QUOTE

DEECO Metals offers various added-value offerings to the metal products which we provide. Some of these are machining, surface finishing and the ability to supply semi or fully assembled products.

Surface finishing such as plating, anodizing, painting and oil surface treatments are offered on various metal components only on that we supply. We do not offer these services for parts or products that are not from us.
  • Silver, gold, and chrome plating options are offered.
  • Our painting services include both primer and topcoat operations with a wide range of color options. Working with different types of paints, including low, medium, and high solvent content enamels as well as lacquers is not a problem for us.
  • Our anodizing capabilities include conventional anodizing and hard coat anodizing for aluminum. Hard coat anodizing services comply with a range of specifications to ASTM specs and other customer specified standards.
  • In addition to enhancing your components’ electrical resistance, our coatings also improve their thermal conductivity and surface hardness.
  • Masking of critical areas of components is often done through the use of masking and plugging items such as stop off lacquers, assorted caps, and plugs.
  • We perform electroless and electro-deposited nickel-plating as well as black oxide treatments.
  • Other finishing operations such as passivation, shot blasting, heat treating, protective oil coatings and silk screening are also handled by us.
  • Our machining capabilities include conventional and CNC machining. We offer surface grinding, turning (Screw Machine & CNC), milling and drilling.

Specifications  · Plating & Coating Services  · Finishing Services  · Machining


Available Coatings

Black Oxide
Chem Film/Chromate Conversion
Conventional Anodize
Dry Film Lubricant
Hard-Coat Anodizing
Painting (Primers & Topcoat)
Phosphate Coating (Zinc, Iron, Manganese)

Available Plating

Chrome Plating
Electroless and Electro-Deposited (Electrolytic) Nickel Plating
Gold Plating
Silver Plating
Tin Plating
Zinc Plating
Zinc, Iron or Manganese Phosphate

Finishing Services

Forging Machining
Heat Treatment
Selective Masking and Plugging (For Coatings)
Shot Blast Finishing
Tumble Finishing


ASTM Specs

Plating & Coating Services

Hard-Coat Anodizing

Deeco Metals’ hard anodize process conforms to various specifications for strength and corrosion resistance, and salt-spray testing per ASTM-B117. Requirements for close tolerances are met and process variables are maintained. In addition to clear, we offer hard anodize in colors of: black, blue, red and green.

Hard-Coat Anodizing Features

Excellent Electrical Resistance
Excellent Thermal Conductivity
Good Malleability and Ductility
Imparts a Surface as Hard as Some Gemstones
Low Density

Hard-Coat Anodizing Standards Met

Customer Specifications

Conventional Anodizing

Deeco's Regular Anodize process conforms to ASTM, Military and Automotive Standards, as well as Customer Specifications and may be applied to a multitude of products. At Deeco, customer requirements for close tolerances are met, just as process variables are maintained.

Black Oxide

Black Oxide coatings are used on firearms, spark plugs, furniture brackets, mower blades and other products where a uniform black surface is desired. This coating is economical and offers a variety of valuable properties to extend the service life and improve the performance characteristics of the part. Deeco offers Black Oxide on copper alloys and on steel.

Dry Film - Solid Film Lubricant

Deeco's applications can be applied to any metal and conforms to many specifications.

Paint, Primers, and Top Coats

Deeco Metals’ varied painting techniques enhance our ability to meet customers' requirements and expectations. We paint to required tolerances and blueprint specifications with the use of: low, medium and high solvent, enamels, lacquers and two-component coatings, on any metal or surface, and to all standard color requirements. Plugging and masking per blueprint, are available using stop-off lacquers, assorted tapes and plugs.

Silver Plating

Deeco maintains optimum operating conditions in order to produce the highest quality Silver finish and employs a development, which enhances brightness, improves tarnish resistance and increases the hardness. Our silver processes produce a matte to bright finish on aluminum, brass, copper and steel.

Electroless and Electro-Deposited Nickel Plating

Nickel's low friction and superb conductivity characteristics, makes it appropriate for Electronic, Tooling, and Commercial Industries. It is also used for cosmetic appearances. Both plating methods may be applied to Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Steel metals. Deeco Metals offers masking by means of stop-off lacquers, assorted tapes and plugs for selected "no-plating" product areas.

Gold Plating

Deeco Metals offers Gold plating which can easily be applied to brass, aluminum, copper or steel.

Tin Plating

Tin plating is extensively used in Food, Electrical and Electronic Industries. We offer Tin plating for application on steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

Zinc and Zincate Plating

Deeco Metals offers two types of Zinc plating: Alkaline Zinc exhibits good brightness, ductility and chromate receptivity, and has reliable and consistent coverage. Chloride Zinc deposits an outstanding brightness and plates difficult substrates such as castings. Zinc plating is used extensively on Automotive, Aerospace and Military products. It is available in Clear, Yellow or OD Green, and may be applied to steel, aluminum, copper or brass depending on the choice of zinc process.

Masking and Plugging

Proper masking is critical to high-quality product finishing and painting. Deeco employs plugging and masking to meet customer specification per blueprint, using stop-off lacquers, assorted tapes, caps and plugs.

Finishing Services


We offer passivation services for the removal of metal oxides; heat-treat scale, and other foreign materials from stainless steel and other metals, leaving the surface chemically clean and prepared for further processing.

Silk Screening

Deeco offers color choices in single, dual, triple or multi-color variations and Pantene color requirements. Military, Telecommunications and Commercial Industries use silk screening on boxes, panels and various other parts and products.

Shot Blast Finishing

We offer Shot Blasting operations for providing various surface finishes on Cast products. It can produce a cosmetically better-looking product. We offer various size shot for different surface finishes.

Machining is a term used to describe processes in which a cutting tool removes unwanted material from a work piece to produce the desired shape. The work piece is typically a cast or forged component or a piece of raw material.

Parts that are machined from a pre-shaped work piece are typically cubic or cylindrical in their overall shape, but their individual features may be quite complex. Machining can be used to create a variety of features including holes, slots, pockets, flat surfaces, and even complex surface contours. While machined parts are typically metal, almost all materials can be machined which is why machining is often considered the most common and versatile of all manufacturing processes.

As a material removal process, machining is inherently not the most economical choice for a primary manufacturing process. Material, which has been paid for, is cut away and discarded to achieve the final part. Also, despite the low setup and tooling costs, long machining times may be required and therefore may be cost prohibitive for large quantities. As a result, machining is most often used for limited quantities as in the fabrication of prototypes or custom tooling for other manufacturing processes. Machining is also very commonly used as a secondary process, where minimal material is removed and the cycle time is short. Due to the high tolerance and surface finishes that machining offers, it is often used to add or refine precision features to an existing part or smooth a surface to a fine finish.

As mentioned above, machining includes a variety of processes in which each removes material from a work piece or part. The most common material removal processes, referred to as conventional or traditional machining, are those that mechanically cut away small chips of material using a sharp tool. Non-conventional machining processes may use chemical or thermal means of removing material. Conventional machining processes are often placed in three categories - single point cutting, multi-point cutting, and abrasive machining. Each process in these categories is uniquely defined by the type of cutting tool used and the general motion of that tool and the work piece. However, within a given process a variety of operations can be performed, each utilizing a specific type of tool and cutting motion. The machining of a part will typically require a variety of operations that are performed in a carefully planned sequence to create the desired features.

Material removal processes
  • Mechanical
    • Single-point cutting
      • Turning
      • Planing and shaping
    • Multi-point cutting
      • Milling
      • Drilling
      • Broaching
      • Sawing
    • Abrasive machining
      • Grinding
      • Honing
      • Lapping
      • Ultrasonic machining
      • Abrasive jet machining
  • Chemical
    • Chemical machining
    • Electrochemical machining (ECM)
  • Thermal
    • Torch cutting
    • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
    • High energy beam machining
Single point cutting refers to using a cutting tool with a single sharp edge that is used to remove material from the work piece. The most common single point cutting process is turning, in which the work piece rotates and the cutting tool feeds into the work piece, cutting away material. Turning is performed on a lathe and produces cylindrical parts that may have external or internal features. Turning operations such as turning, boring, facing, grooving, cut-off (parting), and thread cutting allow for a wide variety of features to be machined, including slots, tapers, threads, flat surfaces, and complex contours. Other single point cutting processes exist that do not require the work piece to rotate, such as planing and shaping.


·  Bearing Gear - Bronze Machined

·  Bronze Bearing Machining

·  Bronze Bearing

·  Bronze Bushings Machined

·  Bronze Gear and Worm

·  Bus Bar Copper Drilled and Bent

·  Bus Bar Copper - Drilled and Plated

·  Bus Bar Copper Machining

·  Bus Bar Drilled and Bent Parts

·  Bus Bar - Drilled Bent and Painted

·  Bus Bar Large Machined Part

·  Bus Bar Machined Parts

·  Bus Bars - Machined

·  Bushing - Machined Bronze Bar

·  Coat Hanger - Machined Polished and Chromed

·  Copper Machined Parts

·  Drilling Copper Bus Bar

·  Fitting Coupling - Bronze

·  Fitting Machined From Brass - Sand Cast

·  Fittings and Couplings - Machined Parts

·  Fittings - Brass Machined and Plated

·  Fittings - Investment Cast Machined

·  Fittings - Machined From Bar or Forgings

·  Fittings Machined From Bar Stock

·  Golf Putter Head - Machined and Anodized

·  Golf Putter Head - Machined and Anodised

·  Inspecting Machined Part

·  Machined Aluminum Parts

·  Machined and Plug Graphite Wear Plate

·  Machined Brass Parts

·  Machined Parts From Bar Stock

·  Machined and Polished Decorative Part

·  Machined Steel Parts

·  Packed Machined Brass Parts

·  Packed Machined Bronze Bushings

·  Packed Machined Parts

·  Plumbing Machine Div

·  Projectiles - Brass Bullet Heads

·  Pump - Machined Brass Parts

·  Pump - Machined From Extruded Shape

·  Pump - Machined Parts Packed

·  Screw Machined Parts

·  Shaft Machined and Ground

·  Shafts (Large) - Steel Alloys

·  Shieves Machined from Nylon

·  Steel Machined Parts

·  Steel Shafts

·  Studs - Machined Stainless

·  Transformed Brass Parts - Machined and Assembled

·  Valve Stems - Stainless

·  Various Machined Parts

·  Wear Plate (Bronze) - 1 ft Sqaure

·  Wear Plate (Bronze) - 2 ft x 6 ft Long

·  Wear Plate (Bronze)

·  Wear Plates (7 ft) Machined From Bronze Bar Stock


Conversions of Fraction to Decimal
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Hardness Conversion Table
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Metal Weight Conversion Table
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Wire Gauge Chart
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Common Metric Equivalents
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