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Assembly Services - Grounding Assemblies & Busbar Turnkey Systems

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From raw material sourcing to assembling as well as custom packaging, we offer full turnkey solutions for diverse industrial, architectural, and electrical applications. Deeco Metals provides semi- or fully-machined components for assemblies and complete product lines. For instance, valves with sub assemblies such as valve stems, grounding systems, caps, and fasteners for holding plates or electronic equipment can be custom machined to customer’s drawings or specifications.

Dimensional deviations can affect the quality of final assemblies when different manufacturers make the sub assemblies. Utilizing our one-stop manufacturing plus assembly services, customers can avoid tolerance deviation problems and reduce the overall production cost. Grounding products offered by us include earthing saddles, male/female clamps, couplers, and earth tail clamps. In addition to grounding systems, we also manufacture and assemble a range of industrial busbar systems, hanger bars, as well as copper mold plates and cooling blocks.

Partnering with Copalcor, a prominent manufacturer of busbar systems, we offer busbar components such as flexible insulation materials, connectors, and steel support structures. We provide complete busbar turnkey services, starting from extruding and drilling to plating. Our electricians are also experienced in assembling, wiring, and testing copper busbars used in power stations or substations. Custom-made busbars are also supplied with fasteners for assembling. For copper foil plants, and mining companies, Deeco Metals offers hanger bars designed for extracting copper from copper ores. As part of busbar turnkey services, we also manufacture copper mold plates used for cooling applications in furnaces.



Copper & Alloys

Design Services

Busbar Layout
CAD Capabilities
Insulation Design
Steel Support Structure Design
Wiring Layout

Fabrication Services

Busbar Extrusion
Drilling & Tapping

Assembly Services

Busbar Installation
Fastener Installation
Hardware Installation (Electronic Sensors, Support Hardware, etc)

Value-Added Services

Custom Packaging / Printing
Heat Treating
KANBAN Inventory / Stocking Programs
Painting (Topcoat/Prime)
Powder Coating
Semi and Fully Machined


And Various Assembled Parts
Cooling Blocks
Copper Mold Plates
Fire Pits
Fishing Gaffs
Flag Toppers and Posts
Grounding Systems
Hanger Bars
Industrial Busbar Systems
Marine Parts
Valve Assemblies

Typical Grounding Systems

Earth Tail Clamps
Earthing Saddles
Male/Female Clamps

Hanger Bar Materials

Brass and Alloys

Mold Plate and Cooling Block Features

Black Unsculpted Unpickled
Cold Rolled
Hot Rolled
Inter Annealed
Ultrasonically Tested

Busbar Materials

Brass and Alloys

Busbar Components

Braided Fasteners
Insulation Materials
Steel Support Structures

Busbar Project Management

Customers are immediately informed of all technical, shipping, scheduling, and installation arrangements.
One-stop manufacturing capabilities facilitate effective project control.
On-schedule Delivery.
Our project team will offer superior customer service throughout the entire project life cycle.
Project planning can be tailored to your requirements.

Busbar Turnkey Services

Deeco Systems has a network of international and local suppliers as well as subcontractors to meet any specialized needs.
We have extensive experience in handling your busbar projects from designing and manufacturing to installation.
We have extensive international experience in supervising busbar manufacturing and installation projects.

On-site Services

Hot Dip Solder Plating
Tin and Silver Electroplating


ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Industries Served

Construction Equipment
Dams & Water Control Systems
Farm Implements
Fossil Fuel & Hydro-Electric Utilities Chemical & Automotive Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Steel Mills


·  Polished Brass Rod & Wire

·  Aluminum Die Cast Part - Machined

·  Assembled Brass Ground Terminal With Screws

·  Assembled Brass Parts

·  Ball Valve Assembly

·  Ball Valves

·  Bu Cu Assemblies Ready To Ship

·  Bus Cu Installing On-site

·  Bus Cu Set Up On-site

·  Bus Cu System Setup

·  Bus Bar Drawing - Electrical

·  Bus Copper System Layout

·  Bus Copper System Packed for Shipping

·  Bus Cu Assemblies

·  Bus Cu Assemblies and Packing

·  Bus Cu Assemblies Ready for Packing

·  Bus Cu Bar Assembly

·  Bus Cu System Packed

·  Clamps - Forged Assembly With Screws

·  Coupling Assembly

·  Electric Brass Clamp Assembly

·  Electric Clamps

·  Electronic and Mechanical Assembly

·  Faucet Assembly

·  Fishing Gaf Assembly

·  Fitting - Brass Machined and Assembled

·  Flag Pole Wall Assembly

·  Gas and Welding Parts

·  Gear Assembly

·  Hinge from Extrusion

·  Hinges

·  Manifold - Valve Assemblies

·  Mold Copper Assembly

·  Mold Cu Assembly

·  Pressure Fitting - Assembled

·  Simple Assembly

·  Window Latch

·  Yatch Stainless Assemblies


Conversions of Fraction to Decimal
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Hardness Conversion Table
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Metal Weight Conversion Table
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Wire Gauge Chart
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Common Metric Equivalents
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